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Rapide Trailed Spading Machine

Farmax Rapide Trailed Spading Machine

A Farmax spader mixes soil thoroughly to a depth of 200-400mm incorporating clay, stubble, green manure, fertilizer and/or trace elements.

Bolt on spades allow easier replacement and the bolts give some shearpin protection. P1080698-cropped Standard with PTO slip clutch and finger tyne roller. Depending on the soil type or desired result, the Farmax 300 and 400 can be fitted with a rotovator cage roller or flat roller to produce a perfect seed bed.The Farmax Rapide Trailed is a trailed spader with an operating width of no less than 4.5 metres.

This trailed spader was specially developed for the Australian market. This very durable spading machine does the job in all conditions. The Rapide Trailed has an outstanding tilling result and great capacity. The maximum tilling depth of 40 cm makes it that the Rapide Trailed tills heavy sand and even clay soils fast and without problems.

Farmax spitmachine Rapide

Consistent Rotavation with the Farmax Rapide (trailed)

The tyre roller of the Farmax Rapide trailed consists of two arrays of 8 tyres.
A consistent rotavation is the result and this guarantees a proper rolled ground
after tilling. It also provides an ensurance of groundwater management.
The fact that this machine also has a maximum speeds of 8 km/h makes this
spader especiallly fast.

Advantages of the Rapide Trailed

  • Very high capacity, because of the very wide span
  • Low maintenance and easy to use
  • Usable for heavy sand and clay soils 
  • Specially designed tyre roller restores the groundwater management and
    guarantees consistent rotavation depth
  • Towing speed up to 8 km/hour

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Type Rapide Trailed
Working width 450 cm
Working depth 200 – 400 mm
Weight 2940kg
Power Hp/Kw 160 – 200 Hp
Number of blades 24
Capacity Up to 1.8 ha/h
PTO rpm 1000 rpm.


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