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Spading machines

You might know us already because of our years of experience in machine service and selling spading machines. Our spading machines are being used to optimally treat your ploughland.
Our speciallity lies in the spading machines from Farmax. These powerfull machines characterize themselves through:

  • Being user friendly
  • Saving you time
  • Better assembly
  • Higher profits

What is a spading machine?

There are a hight variety of spading machines. Different machines serve different purposes. Here at farmaxspitmachines.nl we try our best serve and advise our customer optimally.
Here, You can spading machines for light tractors (15/20 hp.) or spaders for more heavy machinery upwards from 80 hp. The smaller machines are perfect for floriculture or greenhouse horticulture. Big, heavy machines aren’t very useful In these areas of expertise. In these cases you want a small and agile machine. Areas like agriculture or horticulture need bigger machines to cover more land.
What we have to offer
You can see our inventory through the menu on the left, or the buttons down below. Different models have different upsides and aplications. This means it is important for you to know what it is exacly what you need. This can be a hassle, so we are more than happy to help and advise you in this

Looing for used digging machines?

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