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LRP Spading Machine

LRP Spading Machine

The Farmax LRP digging machine is a solid machine, suitable for very kind of soil.
With their specially modelled blades, the rotating digging machines mix the soil to produce a seed or plant bed with an optimal structure. Seeding or planting in this mixed soil improves the growth of plants and profit. By combining several operations, digging machines are save time and energy. The wear proof steel blades last for hundreds of hectares. The double sided differential drive makes the duplex chains last even longer.
A driven crumbler roller or rotovator creates a good firm ready-to-use. The machines are available in various working widths and depths.

Because digging machines produce an optimal planting bed, a lot of machines are equipped with a sowing machine on top. Completing digging and sowing in one processing step, the seed are directly placed on a regular depth in the moistly, warm soil, with speeds up the germinating and growth of the plants. This method can be used well in wet circumstances, where ploughing is out of the question. The combination of digging and sowing is very suitable for digging and seeding of grass and grains or greenery fertilizers. Also sowing a complete field with corn using the digging and seeding combination is done with excellent results.

• fuel saving of up to 40% by combining multiple operations
• high speeds, so more capacity
• suitable for any soil type, thanks to the numerous options
• 10-20% extra yield through optimum tilling
• machine is easy to use and maintain

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Type LRP
Working width 300 cm
Working depth 55 cm
Weight 2200 kg
Number of blades 24
Power as from 110 Hp
Weight sowing machine 475 kg
Capacity seed bin 450 Ltr
Manufacturer Kongskilde


Oranjekanaal ZZ 17, 9415 PR, Hijken, Netherlands


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